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"They were the only place that called me back after leaving a message for a quote on a repair. They fixed my car in a reasonably amount of time. I had issues with a bad part and they corrected it without any hassles. The staff at the desk seem friendly. I don't get the feeling like I'm being scammed like I do at most mechanic shops. Definitely a good experience and they will keep my business. "

— Google Review

"Mike has come through for us again. My sons car needed suspension work and Mike and his team were able to complete the repair at an excellent price. My son is in college 600 miles from home and having an automotive team you can trust is a blessing."

— Google Review

"Timely professional service. I don't have to worry about the mechanical worthiness of the cars my children are driving. Knowing they drive sound transportation is worth more than words can express. "

— Google Review

"I've been going here for years, and they've never led me in the wrong direction. They do a nice rating system for service, to let you know the current status of parts as they wear, and they never recommend replacements until they are actually needed (unlike a lot of shops that will claim a replacement is needed just to get extra money).

"One of the few last honest mechanics left. I've since moved up to Seattle, but still come down on a regular basis, just to get my truck serviced.

"Stop in sometime, and ask for Mike. He's the owner, and he'll take care of you like none other. Tell him Phill C sent ya!"

— Google Review

"Had the best experience I've every had with an automotive repair service at Doran Automotive in Newberg,Oregon. We took two vehicles to them within a few days to perform pre-purchase inspections on the vehicles before deciding to purchase. Mike, the owner is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain the vehicle issues in simple terms, that made sense and helped us make informed decisions. Highly recommend them!!! "

— Google Review